Sunday, October 2, 2011

Winter preparations

This week saw the beginning of another jigsaw - as I mentioned last week, my sister asked me to complete another 1350 piece monstrosity she needs for an upcoming exhibition. Having already done one, I'm attacking portions of the all-blue sea as early as I can this time. The more pieces you get out of the way, the quicker you progress. Some of these pictures are quite poor quality, being taken on my phone.
Day 1.
Was busy doing some things on day 2, so nothing was done. Day 3.
Day 4.
Day 5 (today, only an hour or so at it today).
Jigsaw aside, I managed to squeeze in some knitting at Stitch'n'Bitch yesterday. I made some small mistakes in my cable gloves, but as they're for me, I decided, as I generally do, to just live with it. When I broke for the thumb where I did, I didn't think the cable would lie so much to one side, but I quite like the accidental asymmetrical slant. 
This week I also remembered I was supposed to be making a crocheted hat for the boyfriend of a friend. I hooked it on in the middle of August and promptly forgot about it. Once remembered, it didn't take long to finish.
Have an interesting (in a good way) week everyone

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