Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring classics

I like to make socks that match but don't match.

And I like to make giant man shirts into Skuld sized shirts.
I like to make things badly with wonky stitching and raw edges. and wear them anyway.

My spinning wheel has lost a bearing in transit, but is still usable. For now at least. It has a bit of an erratic rocking motion but I think that just gives it character. I got a mite of spinning done while listening to my new favorite podcast, 99% Invisible. Podcasts really monopolize my ears these days. When I occasionally put on music I'm astonished that I don't listen to it more - some of that stuff is really good.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Barely there

Well now. It's been a mighty busy 2 weeks and all I have to show for myself is a couple of inches of sock.
 I have been busy with a number of happy things though, which makes it ok. Learning to swim, learning to drive, getting out on bikes, seeing people, having fun. My stuff/junk (the term I use depends on my mood at the time) was delivered the other week, so with ample supplies to hand I hope to get up to non-knitting craft at least once in a while. In particular I intend to do a lot more spinning this year than last year - not least because this is what 3kg of unspun sheeps wool looks like.
Bulky no? In my head I'd like to do a scarf or a shawl of some variety to begin. Perhaps with practice my spinning will become even enough to do a garment proper. First step though - putting the wheel back together.

And then I got hungry and went for snacks.
I seem to be missing a brass bearing for one of the crank arms (the axis on which the wheel rotates) but it seems to be working for the moment nonetheless. When I packed it up I wrapped it in the wool itself as opposed to bubble wrap, so perhaps as I work my way through I'll come across the bearing.

The next few weeks promise to be exciting - filled with new (to me) cars, Easter eggs and witnessing the Giro 'd'Italia start in Belfast. I keep trying my best to squeeze some craft in when I can. Be sure to do the same.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sedaris is a sweetie

It went even better than I could've imagined, or dreamed in one of my three dreams about the event.