Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ok. Ok. Ok. Some of you may recall that I was somewhat excited to be going to a book signing of one Mr. David Sedaris. That I was knitting him a heart to indulge his macabre tenancies,  toing and froing over whether I thought he'd like it or just think I was weird. That I dreamt about the event 3 times in the week preceeding. That I was also panicking that it might all be a bit disappointing. It wasn't. He wasn't. He was an utter charming delight and seemed genuinely touched by my gift. In addition to his inscription, featured previously and included below, he asked for my address and in the weeks that followed sent me a thank you postcard. And now, as discovered by one delightful Miss Tallulah, you may recognize the lady mentioned in this interview in The Improper Bostonion......

I just finished a tour of the UK. I was signing books, and I met a couple—they’re 62, I believe, man and wife—and they both lost their right legs in the same car accident.

Now, they didn’t give me anything. [laughs] They told me that. But that was pretty remarkable. Gosh, I’m trying to think. Somebody gave me a human heart that she crocheted. And it was the size of it that made it so remarkable to me. You know, that it’s the size of a heart. I was so touched because she put so much work into it. And she really did a good job.

Well, as realistic as it can be when it’s crocheted …

 You can read the full interview here.  I am utterly bowled over and flattered that the gift lives on his memory (and hopefully on his desk!). 

So yes. Wow. I think my life all goes downhill from here.
Somewhat on the same theme of fangirl knitting, I am currently knitting mini jerseys for Look Mum No Hands, a cycling themed cafe in London. I'd probably do it regardless but I'll admit the lure of a free cycling hat guaranteed my participation. I don't like having masses of random acrylic yarn about the place but was fortunate to find 25g skeins in appropriate colors in Hickeys.

I suppose it would have been more useful to include a ruler to give a sense of scale. Let's call it 15cm between friends.