Friday, August 1, 2014

I'm on my holidays now. Forcibly, yes, but now that they're nearly upon me I'm looking forward to them. There'll be much travelling around the country tempered, I hope, with much sitting around not doing much. In anticipation I plied some of my wonky handspun.

 I had planned to spin some more and settled down to do it a few times, but goshdarnit, my wheel just doesn't want to behave. I've never had such trouble getting the right tension for it to pull on the yarn before and eventually I abandoned it for another day. Now I'm nearly out of days but the 2 balls of unspecified weight or yardage should enough to start the kink neckwarmer pattern.
I've just finished the body of my oatmeal pullover. In these hot, humid summer days it's hard to remember why I'd ever want a jumper made out of chunky cotton.
Tiny cycling jerseys! And free hats in return for them! Thank you Look Mum No Hands!

Socks! Socks that were finished long ago but spent a long time a-waiting a kitchenering stichering.
And because this is something of a David Sedaris fangirl blog also, here he is being darling. You can read why here.