Sunday, March 27, 2011

Any owl thing.

Between visitors and lots of things going on after work, it's been a very busy week. Admittedly, the following took only a few minutes to throw together. A couple of phone charms - the one with the tape measure is for my sister, a seamstress. The one with the owl is for me, because, you know, owls are cool.
I then expended enormous effort attaching an anchor charm to some chain, along with a clasp, to make a dinky necklace. 
Slim pickings this week, I know. You'll have weeks like that. While I'm here though, a tip for anyone who likes to make necklaces like the one above. Chain can be quite expensive when bought in specialist craft shops. If you're not picky about what the chain is made of (i.e. you don't require it to be silver or nickel plated or anything like that) keep an eye out in shops like Penney's or New Look for necklaces like the following. You can pick up quite a quantity and variety of jewelery making material for as little as 75 cents.

Have an awesome week everyone.

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