Sunday, March 20, 2011

I've been framed.

Has everyone had a good week? I had a fabulous time last weekend in London, and here's a picture of some of the lovelies I picked up in Loop, a lovely yarn shop in Angel. No specifics for now, but I have a plan for each delicious skein (well, they were skeins before the nice people in the shop wound them up for me), so you'll be seeing them again at some point.
For now, content yourself with what I've managed to squeeze in between all the travelling. I picked up a couple of men's shirts on sale last week, though so far I've only resized one.

Close-up on shirt detail.
I exhausted my supply of cotton working on a baby blanket. I've nothing for scale in the picture, but it's around 16inches across now.
The following is for my housemate. It's not finished yet, so this is just a teaser!
On Friday last, I picked up a cheap wooden frame in a charity shop, perfect for decoupage. Right now I have some pressed flowers in it. Does anyone have any other ideas for preserving flowers? I was given some beautiful roses last week and would like to continue to enjoy them for as long as possible. Here it is, with some close up of the corners. It's not perfect, but there are a lot less wrinkles in the paper than my previous decoupage projects.

i was hugely idiotic in making this, in that I orientated all the pictures the wrong way up to the hook on the back. In that, if I wanted to hang it on a wall, it would mean all the pictures on the frame would be upside down. Maybe it will just add to its quirkiness? Ho-hum.
Have a great week everyone.

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