Thursday, March 10, 2011

I felt so small

Greetings! I'm going to be away from the internet for a week, but when I come back, I shall hopefully have some delicious yarns form London to inspire us all. Pictures from my trip will probably be few, as my memory card seems to have gone for a wander. With the aid of another's camera, I hope in the meantime you'll join me in chastising this cheeky handknit sock which sneaked into a normal wash. Please ignore my carpet - we're out of hoover bags.
For comparison, here it is next to its 'big' brother.
Bad sock. Bad.


  1. In a way, that's really crap. You must have spent quite a bit of time knitting that sock and now it's tiny and shrivelled... But in a way, that's hilarious. Look! It's tiny and shrivelled!!

    I got your postcard, it's so cute, thank you!! Tell the girls I say hi and thanks for the sentiment. (:

  2. sorry Michele, but this made me laugh! I once spent a good 2 weeks knitting a pair of socks with complicated lace and cable design and ... I felted them accidentally during the first wash (emm.. I thought the wool was superwash, thus washing machine safe). Lesson learned, now all my socks get a careful handwash. But still, reading your story made me laugh ;D

  3. It's so cute! :-D I guess you're going to have to felt the big brother too and give them to some lucky child!

  4. oh no! this is the poor sock's revenge for ignoring it since christmas! they're really a cute pair though...and if you attach the little one to the washing machine, you'll never forget to check and separate your handknits again! :P