Sunday, April 3, 2011

The most awesome post of all time

Will this shopping bag ever end? In fairness, it has been a pretty busy couple of weeks  and I've only been able to knit the odd row here and there. Nonetheless, I can't help feeling like this bag has taken me a lot longer than it should have. While I haven't actively disliked knitting it, I will admit I didn't really enjoy it either. I think in future, I'll stick with sewing my shopping bags - much faster. I've nearly achieved enough length to bind off and sew up the sides, before tackling the I-cord handle.
I finished a much belated birthday present for my house-mate, Mo. Or as she calls herself, the Queen of Exaggeration - which explains the slogan I chose to cross-stitch. It's taken a lot longer than necessary because I couldn't work on it when she was around, but when she gets back tonight it will be waiting for her. I finished the patch this morning and am just after attaching it to a bargain t-shirt with the sewing machine.

And finally, did you know that 2011 is the International Year of Chemistry? Well it is, and if you didn't know also, I am a chemist. The chemistry department at my college is running an art competition entitled 'Capturing Chemistry' as their part to raise awareness of chemistry, its place and above all importance in society.With entries due in mid-May, I figured it was time I got started cobbling something together. I attacked a cheap canvas today with some Mod-Podge and an old biochemistry book. I'm going to make myself accountable now, and promise that by next week there will be further development on this piece.

Have a great week everyone.

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  1. way. that is definitely the coolest hyperbole-related birthday gift ever. :) you rock!