Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cold, cold, so cold! This ice is playing havoc with my cycling habits as well as my body temperature, although I will admit the world is quite pretty under its layer of ice and snow.

On with the crafting. As I may have mentioned, this is a busy couple of weeks for me, so even though I've had the sewing machine out this week I haven't finished anything by a long shot. Similarly I also got some new fiber for my spinning wheel, when the driveband gave way. This is basically the string that translates the motion from the the actual wheel to the the bobbin and the flywheel, which are the guys which actually do the spinning. It is literally just a bit of string, which I didn't have in the house - just lots and lots of yarn, which is too slippy to grip the wheel. So you can't say I haven't tried. But I did make up some cute little headbands, which are great for using up ends of yarn, and also for showing off your favorite buttons.

Don't mind the state of me in these photos - I'd just woken up from a nap and could barely operate the camera, never mind look foxy, or even awake.


  1. hi pretty lady - love the hair band/ear warmer very you! keep warm missus!!

  2. bah, you're always foxy! (and there's no correlation between foxy and awake--down with that sort of logic!)
    and you're going to have to round up everyone who gets a headband and take a pic of them all together--then you can record an album... :P (unfortunately, there *is* a correlation between awake and funny, and i'm currently neither of those!)