Saturday, December 18, 2010

In which I celebrate bling.

Last Thursday was the ChemSoc Christmas party, and as one of the organisors I encouraged people to wear cheesy Christmas jumpers or indeed, fashion their own. Naturally, I had to participate myself. Crafting? Chemistry? Christmas? Oh yes. I decided I didn't want to spend a night out wearing a jumper, so I got a top I'd be happy to go out in and made a patch for it. Hello sequins, welcome to my wardrobe.

The stitches used to sew on the tree were purposely crappy and big - such that I'd be able to easily remove the seasonal foliage and get some more use out of the top. Unfortunately I don't have any action shots - I'd forgotten my camera on the night and in honesty, I'd rather have it take a run through the wash before I put it on again. I'm taking it home (if I get there, what with this snow and all) over Christmas, so hopefully in the next post there'll be some of me looking snazzy.
As you cannot have failed to notice, next week is Christmas and, bus services willing, this time next week I'll be in Donegal. As such, there will be no post. Even if my mom had internet, I plan to spend next Saturday knitting, playing computers games and drinking a truly astonishing amount of beer. When I come back I will post anything I have made over the holidays, as well as some things I made over the last week which I can't share as they're intended as gifts. I hope everyone has a happy, warm and safe Christmas, spent with loved ones.

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