Sunday, December 12, 2010

I was somewhat absently browsing Craftster one evening this week while waiting for dinner, when I saw this post. I myself have been using newspapers as an economically and environmentally way of wrapping my Christmas presents for years, but apart from tying on the a homemade gift-tag with some nice colored yarn, that's about as elaborate as it gets. I was really intrigued by the paper pinwheel decoration - another nice thing to do with an essentially free resource (depending on the paper you're using, of course). I used this tutorial found via Google, and had this guy knocked up before dinner.
This was made using an envelope from the bank - the designs on the inside of those guys can be pretty elaborate sometimes. I couldn't manage to get a decent close up shot of this, but it features a multitude of Celtic style peacocks - not bad for free paper. Another with paper...
I then decided to take this technique into my more usual medium of fabric. I cut squares from some nice fat quarters I was given a while ago, sewing some squares together with some heavy weight interfacing between to make the pinwheel stand nice and stiff. This would be even better if you had pinking shears, my raw edges being as they are, out and proud for all to see.
I didn't really have any buttons that color coordinated with the fabric, but I still think it came out pretty well. This one was made using 6 inch squares, so is rather big, but I think smaller ones would make really cool brooches, and indeed I plan to knock up a few more for this purpose. This one will probably get sewed to a canvas shopping bag to jazz it up. I stuck the paper ones up as decorative touches in my room.
I hope everyone has been having a nice weekend, and is taking it easy with this icy weather. Not that taking it easy means you're guarenteed not to fall, as I know only too well, covered in bruises as I am. Sew it goes.

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  1. I've been wanting to make pinwheels for so long. They look so pretty! Good work, sweet face!!