Saturday, August 7, 2010

Swapping goodness

This week I've been working on a scarf for a swap I'm involved in over at Swap-Bot. I love Swap-bot. It's a website for those interested in, you guessed it, swapping. There's a forum, in which members can post up swaps, which they will moderate. Clicking on each swap gives the date by which you must sign-up by and the date which you must post your items by, as well as the details of the swap. They will detail how much effort you may have to go into for the swap. For example, say the swap is 'Swap 10 buttons', the moderator will detail whether these can be any ten buttons of the senders choosing, or if you should go to some effort by visiting the recipients profile, seeing their interests, and finding buttons which you think they specifically will like. Some swaps will, obviously, require a lot more effort and sometimes money than others, all of which should be detailed in the swap. There's also a rating system, whereby you rate your partner based on how well they fulfilled the conditions of the swap. The swaps range form simple e-mail swaps to everything else under the sun - not just craft related. So far I've mostly swapped sweets and chocolate, (I like trying ones I've never had before) but this particular swap was a 'Send on your crafts' swap. Join the swap, make something you're good at making, send it off, and in turn, receive something from someone else in the swap - what could be more delightful than getting some unknown craftery in the post?
It was stipulated that you should spend in the region of $7 in this swap, so I used one of the few fancy yarns in my stash, my hank of Colinette Art. My recipient lives in Florida, and while I'm sure they don't have the harshest winters, I'm sure they still have chill Autumn evenings on which you'd appreciate a little something around your neck - nothing too heavy though. With this in mind I crocheted this scarf employing both single crochet and big, airy trebly stitches. I threw in the off row of ribbing along the way, for texture, and this gave the scarf its name - the Spot the Asymmetry scarf.
I think it's just the right length for this type of casual scarf - as modeled by this hungover chick.

Though the items don't have to sent until later this month, the person who got me got stuck right in and on Friday I received this delightful package (sans black rectange, but no need to throw my address around the internet more than necessary - only when  in exchange for goods and services).

Inside, a wonderful bevy of tattoo inspired paper craft. A lovely little card....

...artist trading card....


....and my favorite, a beautiful handmade notebook.

The joys of swapping! Thank you so much Melissa!

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  1. wow, your swapping really does get cool stuff traveling around the world--both to you and especially from you! :)