Thursday, August 19, 2010

Groggy but good.

It's 11am Thursday morning....and I'm not at work. Huzzah! Holidays! Yes, yes, now that my big-ass presentation is over (it went very well, thank you for asking) I'm taking some time off to go home to Donegal and relax with my friends, my mum, her cat and bad daytime tv. Hence the early post - my mum's house has no internet, believe it or not. This weeks post is a little light, as the majority of crafts I was working on this week are intended as someone's birthday presents, so I don't really want to give the game away. The upshot of this is that when her birthday passes, there'll be a bonanza post.
I really like this first necklace, though I can't take credit for attaching all the lengths of chain like that. I bought it in some shop, H&M or the like, because it was 75p and I'm always on the lookout for cheap craft supplies (chain can be pretty hard to find). When I got it home and opened it up there were two collections of chain like this, with big catches on either end, and I eventually figured out that they're for putting around your ankles when you're wearing high heels. Sometimes I think just because they have thought of everything doesn't mean they should necessarily continue to.
The second is just another simple heart locket, but I do like it. I seem to have a big of a "heart on" for hearts lately. Counting up the various ones in my jewelery box, between anatomical, lockets, hearts and crossbones and just plain heart, I have....ten heart necklaces? Too many?

I should be able to post by next Thursday, and if not, you'll just have to find it in your heart to forgive me.

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