Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hiatus ends. Everybody cheers.

Hello there! My laptop has been returned to me, complete with new graphics card, and I return to document the piffling offerings I've produced over the last few weeks. As I suspected might happen, crafts got a bit neglected over the last few weeks - with the hassle of packing of all my stuff to move, dealing with mad work stress, and going to Edinburgh for a rocking weekend......well, let's just say I'm glad to be back! The blog is the extra push I need to make time to get creative. So, let's get on with the show, shall we?
One of the things I really love about knitting and crochet is that even if you're unable to set aside a chunk of time to do some creating, as has been my situation lately, you can still pick up your needles or hook for a few minutes here and there and produce something. My best friend made me a kitty hat last year, and much to my sadness it seems to have disappeared without a trace. I made this one with some lovely Blizzard yarn by Tivoli, and it is so warm and soft! Perfect for Winter. It's basically just a rectangle done in stockinette stitch with ten rows of 2 by 2 ribbing on each end, folded over and the sides sewn together. You get kitty ears as a happy by-product of the fact that your head ain't a square. Huzzah, physics!

Apart from that, my craft production has been pretty woeful, as I've already mentioned. Just a leetle bit of stenciling (bad stenciling I know, but I kind of like the way the rough stencils look, as it contributes to the effed up look I'm trying to impart on the garment) and some crude needlework. I don't know what the second bit of needlework is going to go on yet, but I think it'll be something I can leave at work. I've been pretty stressed out work-wise lately....a little positive reinforcement might help me chill out.
One thing that has come from moving is having to confront the sheer volume of things I own. I really hate waste, so I have all these fabric scraps and bits of t-shirts, things I can't bring myself to just waste and throw out, but nothing anyone else would find useful. So hopefully over the next few weeks I'll post some projects in which I've managed to lessen my stash a little. I hope everybody has a great week. Bank Holiday weekends rule!

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