Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Oh suspicious heart

Well now. Last week I mentioned that I am knitting an anatomical heart for the author David Sedaris. During the week I had a dream I gave it to him and he was actively and openly not impressed by it. In fact, he seemed quite disgusted by the whole idea. When I woke up and was in that brief few moments where your dreams are your reality, I was actually quite upset. 

Not naturally superstitious, I am plugging on with the heart regardless. 


  1. I also like hearts and David Sedaris. - Now, will the heart have valves I wonder? Either way, I'm fascinated to see how you present the organ - on a lanyard, in tissue paper ? Look forward to that and hope you post it.

    1. Oh, sorry, just saw this. Yes indeed, I was thinking of presenting in a box (potentially a blood spattered one). I will surely include it here. Thanks for looking, whoo!