Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I'm 'back', as they say. I was away for a while. In England, no less. Very exotic, I assure you. The blog stopped for some reason. Now I'm back, and I suppose it's starting again.

Part of the reason I want to update the blog is to make sure I take pictures of the things I make. Here are some of the things I made or completed while in Ing-Ga-Land. Some of them didn't make it to photo land, or at least not yet. Try to look disappointed.

Intarsi - mittens and jumper. The jumper was the first major garment I've knitted.

Yarn bombing with my homies at the Herts Stitch'n'Bitch.

Yarn-bombing at work.

Some made to order cross-stitch for Simon Singh.


Socks - just one pair shown.

A knitting needle roll.

A chunky jumper - in progress.

For sure what I'm most proud of is a quilt for my friends' wedding present. It's hard to be accurate in how long this took me. I started more than a year before the wedding and worked on it off and on for a few hours every once in a while. It's far from perfect - the bias binding around the outside is already coming off in places - but I love it and I think they did do.

So now I'm back in my home country, and I must admit I'm very happy about it. I have decided to revive my blog both for the original reasons I started it (to keep me craftly motivated amidst an ever varying schedule) but also as a means of staying in communiqué with the lovely ladies of the aforementioned Herts Stitch'n'Bitch group. Hanging out with those lovely ladies once a week really made my time in England much more enjoyable and I'll miss them. I have yet to find a knitting group in Dublin which suits my schedule, but in honesty over the last few weeks I've barely had a few hours spare. It's been wonderful being able to spend times with friends and family again but - time must always be made for craft!

At this moment the majority of my craft stuff is in Donegal. I stashed a couple of knitting projects in my hand luggage to keep me ticking over in the meantime. There is a pair of socks knit in one of my favorite yarns - 100% wool from Studio Donegal. I'm working them on some badass carbon fibre knitting needles that I received as a secret santa gift. I'm really taken with them and will be investing in some smaller pairs for socks made out of finer yarn. 

On a set of classic wooden double points, I am trying out an anatomical heart pattern I've been meaning to do for the longest time. I want to give one to David Sedaris, my favorite author these days, when I see him at the National Concert Hall next month. It's not a complete fangirl gesture, he's all into grotesque stuff, and anatomical bits and pieces........Ok, it is a complete fangirl gesture, but I'm ok with that.

So weary. Life is busy but I will aim to update weekly. It will mostly be pictures.


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