Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cable girl

As some of you may know, I used to be an avid baker. Nary a birthday would pass by without my smuggling something into the party house under tin foil wraps. Like a lot of things, this has fallen by the wayside in recent years, mostly due to time constraints. Well, time is (mostly) all mine now, so I judged it time for a return to my old distraction. I wanted to make something new, and decided on cinnamon buns, because me and my sweet tooth love cinnamon buns on a Sunday morning. I used this recipe, altering it both in the rising time (I made the dough yesterday and let it rise overnight so all I'd have to do today was make the filling and pop them in the oven) and in some ingredients (I left out the pecans, and used demera instead of plain brown sugar) . Unfortunately my oven must be a bit more powerful than some others - the tops (which became the bottoms when the buns were inverted as directed in the recipe) were a little burnt. They still taste pretty good, but next time I will keep a closer eye on them.
Today marks a year since I tipsily kissed a housemate in an altogether not unpremeditated act of daring. The bookmark below was a token gift to mark the occasion. This is not the same bike embroidery as last week - that was lost somewhere in the washing machine. It didn't take too long to reproduce though, and I think this second attempt is a mite better than the first.

Myself and same fella went for a cycle yesterday morning, which started late and ran a little overtime, meaning I couldn't make it to my local Stitch'n'Bitch group. I haven't been in months what with being at college all the time, and the last few Saturdays I've either been in Donegal or, erm, hungover. So though I missed today, at least it was to a healthier end. I have high hopes for next week. Anyhoo, I spent the resultant afternoon watching Adventure Time and casting on a new project -  some cabled mitts made with delicious yarn I got on my last trip to London. Unfortunately  I've since misplaced the label and I can't recall the exact yarn name or blend. What a shame, as it's so soft and luxurious I'd definitely be recommending it. I put a simple cable down the front. Having not worked with cables before, I didn't anticipate how much they would 'pull in' the stitches around them, making the circumference of the glove much smaller than that which I cast on. I foresee frogging in my future.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone. Don't get blown away.

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