Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yes, you are earring me correctly.

Spain was awesome. I shan't bore you with details - I'm not travel writer, and my photos are only so so. If you want to read about interesting trips with good photographs and some crafty goodness, I advise you to wander over to my friend Fiona's blog - she's much better at it than I. Suffice to say there were long walks, aquariums, good food and bilingual confusion. I highly recommend San Sebastian as a destination for a couple of days stay, if you like walking and exploring. While we were away the aforementioned Fiona volunteered to feed and water our various creatures. As a gesture of thanks, I made this brooch today, featuring her flutterby favorite and my own brand of wonky mattress stitch. I think there's probably a bit too much distraction from the stitch details, but Fiona, I hope you like it!
If, like me, you like tacky stuff, Penneys is awesome (for any non-Irish readers, Penneys, also known as Primark, is an chain store which sprawls across Ireland and Great Britain. Selling clothes and accessories, they provide cheap versions of whatever fashion extravaganzas are sweeping the nations at that moment, as well as basics like underwear, socks, home-wares etc). I rarely pay full price for anything in Penneys though - the beauty of tack is to pay as little as possible for something which someone else paid full price for with no sense of irony. Such as the following earrings - 3 euro full price, or 50 cents on a good day.
I know what some of you may be thinking - as fond as I am of piercing, they're not really mon style. However, a bit of jiggery-pockery with some jump rings and round nose pliers can work wonders. Still as tacky as ever, but on my terms, and with more anchors.

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