Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spinning my way to Spain

While I was at home last weekend, I spent a few minutes spinning on my best friend Ruth's spinning wheel - it got me all fired up to get back onto my own. You may recall the purpular yarn I was spinning when I finally 'got' spinning.
Some bits of it were of it were very think, some of it was reaaal thick. I didn't want to add more weight to it, but as it was still a bit overspun in places I wanted to ply it. I decided to use some pink thread from my sewing box. Here it is in all its washed glory - all approximately 135 meters of it.

I was on a spinning roll. I spun a bit more onto a bobbin of white from Rocking out, then I spun a whole other bobbin while watching the final stage of the Tour de France today. They were quite good, for me, quite thin and mostly balanced. I plied as much as could fit onto my third and final bobbin. I still have some of the unplied singles left, so I think I'm going to spin more onto these , ply those together, then put the 2 skeins together in a dye. I'm thinking I'll dye them either red or a nice deep blue. Anyone got some good sources of dye? 

I came close to entirely finishing my socks during my time in Donegal last weekend. There's a random 5 rows of garter in the midst of the stockinette - such as will happen when knitting and drinking beers with your sister. What I didn't finish I did during the cycling the week. They're a little bit long along the foot, and for some reason this only got worse after blocking, even though I was really careful not to stretch them. The heel stitches don't really sit under my heel, and as they're pretty narrow I can't even gift them to a long footed man. I'm going to wear them around the house for a little while (they were always meant to be housesocks) and see how I get on. I have so much left from the luxurious skein I probably have enough for another pair anyway. A shorter pair.
Myself and my housemakts are off on holidays tomorrow, huzzah! We're back on Saturday, and I declare now that I shall squeeze in some craft betwixt then and Sunday evening. We're travelling light so the crochet hooks are staying at home.

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