Sunday, July 10, 2011

Skull so sweet

Good news - I finally found the charger to my camera again. While my photography skills are, well, basically 'point and click', I realize the pictures of late have been a bit dark and blurry. I prefer my little cybershot to my housemate's (ok, let's admit it, he's my boyfriend) fancy camera. I'd probably love his camera if I knew how to use it, but as I say, 'point and click'.
Hurrah for long stages of the Tour de France - I finished Jim's scarf! Ending up at somewhere around 68 inches, I hope he's happy with it. We'll see tomorrow.

I continued practice with my free motion (stippling) sewing foot. Yes, these are wonky, but that's why they call it practice. I was doing them free hand, with no line to follow. I think once I get the hang of it some cool things should be possible. 

One thing I thought would be cool to do with the stippling foot would be sugar skulls, with lots of different colors in the designs. I was practicing drawing some to get an idea of what I might do. I've never taken art or anything, as well as this I lack a natural aptitude, so I'm not very good at drawing. Nonetheless, the results were kind of cute, so I turned them into shrinky dinks! These little guys will have jump rings attached - new necklaces, hurrah. I used tippex on the black skull, which cracked during the 'cooking' process. Some of the flakes stuck to the face in the heat.

Have a great week everyone.

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