Sunday, June 12, 2011


Yesterday (Saturday) was a beautiful sunny day. I daydreamed about being out riding my bike while in actuality I was in the lab. I hoped for similar sunshine today, but alas, it has been grey and drizzly since first light. While watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (I was nearly disowned when a certain someone found out I hadn't seen it. To avoid further argument, we downloaded and watched it immediately), I finished this little guy. Someone who I know semi-well (kind of less than a full friend but more than a friend of a friend) had a baby not so long ago. Apparently they don't have a lot of toys bought yet (which makes sense really, as a newborn wouldn't really notice such things), so I thought it might be nice if they had a handmade one around for when the little one starts grabbing and putting things in her mouth. Made of baby friendly cotton, here she between the inviting thighs of my Miffy.

I used this pattern by Lion Brand Yarn, found on (where else) Ravelry.I made the tail but didn't attach is as I thought it looked a bit out of proportion. I chose to embroider closed eyes as I thought when the kid was cuddled up with it, it would be sweet if they were both asleep. I like making amigurumi as they're so cute, as well as relatively quick and quite impressive (to non-yarncrafters) but they do necessitate attaching lots of little bits and pieces - arms, legs etc - which is a bore. Though qith a good film on tv and a cold drink in your glass, it's not so bad.
A final shot with my other craft of the week - I've cast on the second sock. Watch this space for progress.
Have a great week everyone. I'm planning to finish my laboratory work this week - wish me luck.

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  1. they're pretty impressive (and adorable!) to yarncrafters as well! :)
    and you seriously need to borrow my birthday present (though maybe not for a newborn): it's _creepy cute crochet_ by christen haden. (much more appropriate for you than for me actually, but i'm quite happy to share) :)
    and all fingers and toes crossed for a shedload of interesting and useful results from your labwork! :)