Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fabulous prizes await me (nearly)

I've been trying to think of something all week to replace the 'Maximising nature' slogan I'd put on my chemistry piece. The more I rolled it around on my tongue, the less I liked it. Alas, despite extensive racking of some collective brains, and even putting a call out over on Ravelry, I couldn't hit on anything punchy, smart and/or witty that got the message across. I settled on 'Chemistry - Adapting and Reusing', given that is the real point I'm trying to make with the piece. Would've been nice to have been funny too.....Ho-hum. I also decided to put in a key describing what the arrows mean, as several people (not surprisingly) thought I was trying to say you could knit lipstick and some cream together to make a sheep! All that remains before the Wednesday deadline is to give it a much needed iron, straighten up the sides and sew it onto the canvas, most likely with the help of a makeshift thimble - the paper and layers of glue has rendered the canvas pretty durable to attack by pointy things.

I've been so busy with college and college related crafts that I left myself with shamefully little time to make a present for my wonderful friend Jen's birthday. All I have to show for myself is a wonky flower brooch made out of some of my homespun, and what I'll admit I personally think if a fairly adorable owl brooch. I used a free pattern (found via Ravelry, of course), by the ever popular Ysolda Teague. Looking through her Ravelry page, I struggle to find a single pattern I wouldn't consider knitting. It's nice when you find someone so in tune with stuff you like. You can check out her website and the free pattern here.

Those of you who know me personally may be aware on some level that I, well, like cats. A lot. As testified by the tattoo on my inner lip. I saw a little girl last week with little cats on the toes of her shoes, and as soon as I could I got myself to Penney's and bought some plain black shoes for the extravagant price of 3 euro. I then bought a Tippex pen, which was 3 euro fifty cents, and is apparently a prohibited item these days, as it was kept behind the counter. A few minutes of handiwork (and some correcting with a black Sharpie) and looksies what I have. 

It's the Chemistry Society weekend away next week, so there is a distinct possibility of no post. So until I'm back to bore you again, have an awesome day, each and every one. Woo!

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