Sunday, May 15, 2011

No pun intended

How is everyone this week? Good, I hope, and not letting things stress you out too much? No? Good.

Are you familiar with the work of Studio Ghibli? They make wonderful animated films such as Howl's Moving Castle and the famous Spirited Away. This week I realized I'd forgotten (well, not forgotten, I never really knew when his birthday was. Let's say missed) my friend Dom's birthday, so to make up for it I crocheted a favorite Studio Ghili character of his, Totoro, the friendly wood spirit from My Neighbour Totoro, using this free pattern on Ravelry. He's a bit of a lump, but I think he's fairly cute. I ran out of the first color grey, hence his two tone nature.

In scarf news, I've progressed another 7 inches. Huzzah. Not an overly exciting knit, but it does make watching sport a more productive endeavor.
I'm nearly finished my chemistry piece! I really, really don't know if they'll like it or be wondering what on earth I was thinking, but I think it's pretty cool. I didn't like all the white space to the right, so I added extra embroidery which I hope emphasises what I'm trying to say in this piece - that with the help of chemistry, and by proxy, chemists, natural products such as lanolin oil can be utilized in a massive amount of ways, many of which the average consumer would probably be surprised by. Heavy industry, in which it is used as a lubricant and a rust-proofing agent, is represented by the cogs and chain. The lipstick, obviously, illustrating cosmetics, while a small toothpaste tube is standing in for a tube of some non-branded topical pharmaceutical, such as burn cream. I may redo the word 'Nature', as it seems a bit wonky. When that's done, all I have to do is neaten up the edge and sew it on to the canvas. Oh, and submit it, of course.

Yeah, chemistry! Have a good week everyone.


  1. My boyfriend and I loooove Studio Ghibli. ;D Your Totoro is indeed fairly cute, so I hope your friend likes him.

    Also: Geektastic chemistry embroidery is awesome.

    (I'm Silver on Ravelry, too, BTW, and I came over from your post on the Giro KAL thread. ;))

  2. oy, shouldn't the arrows point in the opposite direction? Or are you trying to say that you can make sheep from lipsticks, clogs and chain? I think you did explain this one day, need to find that old post of yours and see...

    otherwise it's great. I love it~!