Saturday, September 18, 2010

Worth the wait?

I realize I'm a day late, but I was done by yesterday I swear! Not having my own camera here is really throwing me off. Rightso, for the past few weeks I've been working on some little bits and pieces for my best friends birthday,which fell this week. I haven't seen her yet (we are cruelly separated by geography) but as this week was spent finishing said gifts, I've warned her not to read this post.
You may remember my first adventures in decoupage. It was really easy, and really fun, so I thought I'd give it another go and make her a funky jewelry box. Well, I say make, but I mean decorate. I bought a fairly sizable sturdy cardboard box in Feanor and set to work cutting up my old magazines. The original plan was to have it 100% covered, but I'm afraid time got away from me. Also in sad news, this has more wrinkles in it than my first decoupage project - it was harder to smooth them out on the cardboard surface than the polished wood I'd worked with previously. Nonetheless, I hope she likes it. When I have a few more magazines for the sacrifice I'll be making one for myself - I really need one with all the necklaces I've been knocking out lately.
I think the top is my favorite.
Another simple device crocheted up with the delicious (or so I think) Rowan Milk Cotton - a DS Lite case.
And you may have noticed the 'Tx' motifs on the jewelry box? A little nickname for my bestest. And so I give her this.
And finally for something which I was only 25% responsible for, but we're all damn proud of, so I'm going to show it off here. As you may know, I am currently doing my PhD in chemistry, and somehow have found myself on the committee of An Cumann Ceimce, or the Chemistry Society. Societies Day was last Tuesday, so we wanted to do something special to draw people to our table (would you believe the Chemistry Society doesn't always pull a big crowd?). You may be familiar, if only vaguely, with the chemist's staple, the periodic table of the elements. Meet the new improved periodic table.....of delicious cupcakes.
Remember when you're appreciating how awesome this is to think of my fellow chemist/bakers - Fiona, Christine and Valerie.

Have an awesome week everyone.


  1. Brilliant cupcakes! Almost a shame to eat them. Almost.

  2. what a lovely post - first I must say I loved the ducks! very ... punky! the DS cover is awesome and so is everything else you talented wonderful person - also Im about to put up your picture on my blog :P