Saturday, September 4, 2010

Skuld is NMR active.

Hello there, I'm coming to you direct from college thus Saturday. Due to the high demand placed on the NMR machine, on which I do basically all my work, this may be a semi-frequent occurrence. But it's ok - it was miserable weather this morning, which meant I didn't resent coming in as much, and now that I've half an hour before my final measurement is done, the sun is shining, huzzah! How has your weekend been going?

As I mentioned last week, due to my drunken rush for the bus I left my camera in Donegal. As such, this weeks pictures were taken somewhat hurriedly in a college corridor using a friend's camera and a timer function (friend being unavailable to operate camera at that time). I do apologize, and I hope this craptacular theme to my pictures will not continue. I got out my sewing machine for the first time in an age on Wednesday evening, and spent much of the evening repairing my house-mate's much-loved and heavily patched jeans. I really should take some pictures to show you - they're damn impressive. He said someone once asked him if they were designer. Ha! Anyway, my machine was still out on the table when I got home on Thursday evening so I grabbed a HUGE man's t-shirt I've been meaning to make Skuld-sized for some time. I originally planned cut off the top and add longer straps, hopefully achieving enough length to make a mini-dress, but on trying it on for size I quite liked the wife-beater, 80's tee look on top, so I left it. A couple of zips on the bottom to punk it up a bit, and voila, another comfy top which differs at least slightly from the majority of my bog-standard, t-shirt apparel. I thought about adding some more buttons or something but in honesty, I don't really do yellow so I left as is.

Again, apologies for the less than perfect pictures. Over the next week I plan to finish the cardigan I've been crocheting and....who knows what else? All I know it that I get to leave here soon, go home and relax with an ice lolly and a beer. Huzzah! Happy Saturday everyone.


  1. cool tshirt love the zips! hope your having a lovely Sunday :)

  2. What a hilarious shirt--I hope you don't wear it at work! :P Nice fit though--well done :)