Saturday, September 25, 2010

Flu increases productivity.

I've realized with a start that it's September. When did this happen? A few weeks ago it was July! I've decided to start preparing myself for October form today so I don't suffer this shock to my system again. Along with September came the realization that I should start preparing myself for - you guessed it - The big C. The big hypocritical C and all the gift giving implied therein. At all costs I want to avoid the manic crocheting of cowls that ensued last December - I very nearly sprained my wrist. I was off sick for a day this week so I idly picked up some double pointed needles which I recently bought on the best website ever. A couple of episodes of Doctor Who and Murder, She Wrote later and I nearly have one present sorted.

I plan to add thumbs when I'm finished the second one. I'm hugely pleased with these as I made up the pattern with the decreasing and such as I went along, and they've turned out, well, certainly wearable, so that's something.
 As well as this I whipped up a quick kitty hat for my niece, her birthday also falling in December, typically enough. I made this in some Big Softie I got on sale and as you might imagine, it knit up incredibly quick on 10mm needles. I would definitely recommend this yarn and hat combo when you need a quick gift for a child - or a playful adult.
Have a good weekend everyone. I'm going to give my hungover head a little snooze now.

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  1. Love those gloves. They're really great, well done for figuring them out with no pattern too. The little hat is very cute, it's nice to have some quick knit patterns on stand by.
    I do a lot of crafting to Doctor Who too. I also like stuff like the Midsomer Murders for a cup of tea and a knit.