Thursday, June 17, 2010

The 11th hour

Tick tick's 11:40pm, but I'm within my self-imposed limits, huzzah! Super busy over the last week, every evening after work has been booked up, but luckily one of these was with a crafting evening at a lovely friends house. We were making flowers out of felt and gluing them onto hairbands. I made one hairband, but gave it to aforementioned lovely friend as she was fonder of it than I was. I do, however, retain a brooch I made. Nothing fancy, but I really like it.

Also on offer this week a leetle kitten made with this free pattern from (who offer a lot of free patterns actually - obviously, they recommend using their yarn, but that's their business, right?). Pretty simple, but it's for the soon to be niece or nephew of my best friend, so I actually kinda preferred the flat shape of it as opposed to the roundness of regular amigurumi - I think it'll make it a bit easier for a very small baby to grab onto.
The eyes look a bit strange because I wasn't confident that stitching on round eyes  (safety eyes used for most amigurumi are, despite the name, unsafe on toys for under 3s) would look great on the milk cotton I used to make the body. Even when crocheting I found the strands on this cotton can become easily separated, and it has no fluffiness to hide small gaps that stitching might create, like wool or acrylic might. So I thought I'd go with a kind of 'Squee!' expression. The nose is a little hard to see - the only pink I could find lying around was variegated, hence the 2 different colors. The arms, legs and tail are just cheap-o acrylic from a pound shop - the sex of the baby is as yet unknown, so it's a safe choice. I quite like this little guy - I hope mommy and baby do too.


  1. He's a cute kitty! You can really picture it being chewed on by a happy baby!

  2. *love* the brooch, but the kitty's super cute--squee eyes will do a great job of prepping the kid for a lifetime of cartoon love--what could be better? and i hope that tail's on tight--it'll be the first casualty :P