Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday brief.

I have visitors this weekend, and it's also my lovely house-mate's birthday, so I'm afraid this will be brief.

I must've got slightly better at sewing in the last while. I decided to make a skirt using the lovely polka dot fabric featured last week. I took my measurements, sketched out a pattern and cut some pattern pieces. When cutting fabric you include an additional few fractions of an inch to account for the space required by the stitches - this is called seam allowance. I gave myself a generous seam allowance, as historically my sewing has been a bit wonky and all over the place. However, when finished I found the majority of my seams were roughly the same distance from each edge, much neater than in my previous sewing lifetimes. While happy about my improvement, this did mean the skirt was then too big. It was late on Sunday evening and I really didn't want to start messing around with darts. I added some elastic which brought it in a tiny bit. I may yet add darts. Here it is modeled by a lovely lady. She's so mysterious, she has no face.
I've fallen in love with bias binding as an alternative to sewing hems. Slightly less effort, neater looking (than my hems anywa a design feature), as well as being
My shopping bag is ticking along nicely, though I haven't worked on it in a few days. The bottom left corner is trying to make a bid for freedom, I'm not certain why. I don't think it'll matter too much when it's all sewn up. Whatever shape, it'll certainly function as some sort of hold-all. Why a black and white photo? Because they're cool.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening everyone.

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  1. That's lovely!! A skirt, well done! I'm annoyed that you didn't take a picture of that mysterious lady's face, though, so that I could check out her hair. Boo! (: